Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Recycling services for schools, banks, industry, & hospitals.

C & I Electronics provides electronics recycling services for schools, banks, industry, hospitals and more.  Please refer to our list of accepted materials for specific examples of what is accepted.  In general, we usually accept nearly anything with a printed circuit board and/or display, which can include a wide array of equipment types.

Computer monitors, televisions, circuit boards and other electronics contain heavy metals, so they cannot legally be disposed in the trash. Reuse or recycling through a registered recycler will help ensure your facility complies with the law.

In processing materials, we first look at resale and reuse.  If that is not a viable option, we then recycle the material for its commodity content.  C & I Electronics is certified and conforms to R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling) guidelines.

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