Data Sanitization

Total data erasure repurposes unwanted equipment for a new life


Businesses produce a large amount of e-waste when replacing their electronics. Those devices may be at the end of their life cycle for your company – but they can still serve a purpose to others.
At C&I Electronics, we look for unwanted electronics that can still be valuable in another capacity. Those items undergo our data sanitization process, which permanently deletes all information and residual data in a way that cannot be recovered while leaving the device usable to have a second life.

Once the data is completely erased, those devices are refurbished and prepared for remarketing. Our corporate partners who are enrolled in the ITAD program enjoy a return through our revenue-sharing program.

C&I follows strict data sanitization guidelines to ensure all devices that come into our facility attain absolute data erasure.

Those guidelines include the following:

National Insitute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88r1
We provide our partners with reporting that verifies their data devices were sanitized.

Data Sanitization is an excellent option for your business to reach its sustainability goals while receiving value back on your IT assets.

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When your company’s used IT assets are taken offline but not appropriately decommissioned, you’re left exposed to potential data breaches. At C&I, we protect your company’s and customers’ data. We are industry certified to safely and securely destroy all information on your used electronics.