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C&I Electronics




Providing sustainable solutions

C&I Electronics, a division of SIGMA Group, is an electronics recycling company. C&I’s primary purpose is data destruction and data security, we also provide electronic recycling. Our mission is to provide safe and secure methods for companies to recycle their electronics sustainably. 

Certifications to keep your data secure

With C&I’s 25-plus years of experience, the most important thing for us is trust. Because we work with companies so dedicated to their sustainability, we have to ensure that not only their equipment and electronics are properly recycled, but any proprietary information is either removed or destroyed. We do this with our certifications and continual dedication to obtaining certifications that fit our customers’ needs. These include 

  • R2v3R
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • IDEM Registered

To learn more about what these certifications mean, click here:

Data Destruction

Our reliable methods to remove the data from hard drives help to keep our customers’ sensitive information from being accessed. C&I offers two methods of data removal: data sanitization and data destruction. Depending on your needs, and our recommendations, we work with you to provide options on if sanitizing a drive to be reused or shredding a drive is needed. To learn more about these differences, click the link below:

Pick Up Services

We understand that many companies want to be more sustainable, but the operations of doing so aren’t feasible. This is where C&I can assist. With two options to receive your electronics, it can be as simple as scheduling a pickup or requesting a crate from our crate program.

Our regional pickups are scheduled on a regular basis, based on location. This allows us to travel efficiently to each location and gather any materials that may need to be recycled. If you need a specific time scheduled or outside of our normal route, just fill out a contact form by pressing the button below and our customer service representatives will coordinate with you. To see those routes, click here.

For those customers that are outside of our regional area, we offer a crate program. This service starts with you requesting one of our crates, it will then arrive pre-packaged at your location. From there, all you have to do is fill the crate up with your used electronics and ship it back to us. Once the crate has arrived at our facility, we will assess the items and process them in accordance with your security requirements.

C&I Electronics and SIGMA Group

After joining SIGMA Group in 2021, we have been proud to round out the services that SIGMA offers. Our electronics recycling provides solutions for the data and recycling needs of those in the corporate world. SIGMA Group and C&I are focused on the environmental sustainability of our partners. With regular reporting and resources, we strive to be your sustainability partner. To see how we can assist you, click the button below to contact