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Trouble-free disposal of corporate electronics

Companies systematically cycle through electronics every few years, decommissioning old assets for new ones. But discarding your unwanted electronics doesn’t have to become a nuisance. 

As an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) firm, C&I Electronics works with corporations to implement a strategy to responsibly dispose and recycle their outdated IT Equipment. 

With customizable reporting, we give you evidence that your company’s equipment was handled by industry standards.

ITAD: The safe & responsible way to discard outdated electronics

At C&I, we understand upgrading IT equipment is a big project. Safely and securely disposing of old electronics shouldn’t be.

By providing ITAD solutions – we emphasize data security while reducing electronic waste. 

Those solutions include:

Data Destruction

  • Used IT equipment that’s deemed reusable undergoes data sanitization to extend their lives.
  • Corporations that require the physical destruction of data devices will be processed through our electronics shredder.

IT Asset Management

  • We provide our customers with precise and customizable reporting. 
  • Our online customer portal allows you to track your assets throughout our entire process.

IT Asset Remarketing

  • Devices that go through our data sanitization process are refurbished to be remarketed. 
  • Our Revenue-sharing program allows our partners to earn money back on old assets.

On-Site Collection

  • C&I travels to regional locations to provide secure transportation back to our facility. 
  • If your facility sits outside the region, request a crate to send us your used assets.

Don’t become a data breach victim

When your company’s used IT assets are taken offline but not appropriately decommissioned, you’re left exposed to potential data breaches

At C&I, we protect your company’s and customers’ data. We are industry certified to safely and securely destroy all information on your used electronics.

2023 Recycling Days
2023 Recycling Days sponsored by C&I Electronics & the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste District will be held:
April 1, 2023
September 23, 2023