Accepted Materials

The following electronics are items we are often able to accept for recycling.

Computers & Peripherals

Desktop PCs
Servers; Server Racks
Routers; Switches; Modems
Monitors (CRT, LCD)
Copiers; Plotters
Power Distribution Units
Printers; Scanners; Fax Machines
Storage Arrays; Main Frames
Receivers; Transmitters
Security Equipment
PBX Systems
Projection Equipment
Keyboards; Mice
Other Misc. PC Scrap

Data Containing Materials

Back-Up Tapes
CDs; DVDs; Floppy Drives
Hard Disk Drives
USB Drives

Personal Electronics

TVs (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)
CD/DVD/VHS Players
Cable/Satellite Boxes
Stereo Equipment
Telephones & Systems
Digital/Video Cameras
Gaming Devices/Consoles
Accessories and Cables
Christmas Lights
Turn Tables

Laboratory & Medical Equipment

Anesthesia Units
Defibrillators/ AEDs
IV Pumps
Spectrometers; Lab Test Equipment
Ultrasonography Equipment
Meters; Scopes; Monitors
Auto Sphygmomanometer Devices
Other Vital Signs Devices

Mobile Devices

Cell Phones
MP3 Players/iPods
GPS Units

Batteries *

Lead Acid Batteries
Lithium Ion Battery Packs
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Packs
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Please Call for More Details

Misc. Electronic & Industrial Scrap

Mining Equipment
2 Way Radios
Credit Card Terminals
Please Call for More Details

* Special Packaging May Be Required

Please Note: We accept most electronic devices and materials. If in doubt, please call your account representative.

What We Can’t Accept…

We are an electronics recycling facility. Many of the items we don’t accept can be taken to other facilities in Evansville. Perhaps we can help you find a solution.

  • Light bulbs from lighting fixtures

  • Electronic or electrical components containing PCB’s

  • Anything containing Hazardous Waste (We are not licensed as a hazardous waste company)

  • White goods and appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, etc.

  • Mercury containing devices such as thermostats, mercury switches, light bulbs, thermometers