Physical Destruction

Data destruction through physical shredding

Depending on your industry and regulations, C&I Electronics understands the necessity to physically shred used data storage devices. 

Our industrial shredders and industry certifications allow us to physically destroy your devices, preventing your data from ever being recovered.

C&I offers two secure physical destruction options that provide maximum data protection

In-House Destruction

  • We secure your digital storage devices and transport them to our facility to be physically shredded.

On-Site Destruction

  • Our mobile shredder can shred up to 600 solid-state drives per hour and 200 hard disk drives per hour, providing a hassle-free, convenient way to destroy your data-bearing devices. 
  • Storage devices are reduced to recyclable waste, which C&I handles for you.

Whether your business decides on in-house or on-site destruction, we offer serialization for each item before the shredding process.

When selecting serialization, we can provide you with a comprehensive sustainability report detailing how each item was destroyed and how much electronic material was recycled. 

C&I follows responsible data destruction standards to give our corporate partners the comfort they expect by knowing their data has been fully destroyed. 

Don’t be stagnant and leave your business liable for data breaches. Contact us below to find the right approach for your company to protect your data through professional data destruction.