Data Destruction Methods

Your organization’s sensitive data will never be recovered

Corporations worldwide contribute to the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day. With the increase in technology, businesses need to be diligent about data destruction to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands. Each year, cybercriminals cause untold damage to the finances and reputations of numerous companies worldwide.

At C&I Electronics, we are required to uphold best practices in data destruction to maintain our R2v3 certification.

Our multi-phase erasure approach utilizes all supported SSD security protocols. Our method includes multiple overwrites, firmware level erasure, freeze lock removal and full verification.

We provide our partners with the necessary information for sustainability reporting and confirmation that their data was destroyed by certified standards. 

As an ITAD provider, C&I offers two options for data destruction.

Data Sanitization

For reusable digital storage devices such as solid state drives and hard disk drives, C&I conducts data erasure in compliance with our industry-leading certifications. By adhering to NIST Special Publication 800-88 Revision 1, we ensure the complete data sanitization of your storage devices, clearing them of all information and residual data.

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Physical Destruction

C&I performs the physical destruction of digital storage devices if required by your company. With our industrial shredders, we will shred your storage devices to prevent data from being retrieved. We offer on-site and in-house shredding. 

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