Schools and Universities

Keeping your campus sustainable and secure

Technology has become an integral part of today’s educational journey. From e-courses, educational apps, and online study tools, both faculty and students rely on electronics on a daily basis. With this implementation into classrooms and campuses, schools and universities are now faced with the challenge of maintaining technology and ensuring their devices are up-to-date. With consistent advancements to technology, this means that an institution must regularly update their electronics

So, what happens when it’s time to upgrade these devices?

First, review the initial concerns most colleges and universities administrators often face, including

  • How can I make sure all the information is removed from a device before getting rid of it?
  • Do I have enough space to store these used devices?
  • Is there a way to recycle these devices so that we stay in compliance with the school’s sustainability regulations?

Not to worry, C&I Electronics can help you and your school with all of these problems and more. We specialize in the data destruction and recycling of used electronic devices from schools and universities. Whether it be laptops, printers, projectors, or an entire computer lab, C&I can safely destroy all the data from a device before sustainably recycling it.

Depending on what your needs are, C&I can build a custom plan for your school so that you can easily keep track of your devices, the data they hold, and obtain records for your files and audits.

What is your priority?


Colleges and universities often hold on to used computers and electronics for a couple of different reasons. 

  • They store sensitive information such as student’s social security numbers, banking information and more
  • There isn’t an electronic recycling program in place
  • The device is too heavy or large to transport

C&I offers on-site pickups that can solve your space and storage problems. This service begins when you schedule a pickup date and time, our team will then come to you, load up your equipment, securely destroy any data the items may contain (either onsite or at our secure facility), and then safely recycle the devices to keep them out of landfills. 


If you are most concerned about the information that your devices store and this is what is keeping you from disposing of your items, then our data destruction service is the perfect option for you. We offer two different types of data destruction. 

  • Physical Destruction – we can destroy hard drives and data tapes for a small fee per item. This option completely destroys all data on your devices and physically shreds the drive.
  • Data Sanitization – we also offer data sanitization which ensures that all the information is cleared from your device, but still gives you the option of reuse.


Many educational institutions follow codes and regulations regarding sustainability and their environmental impacts. When you recycle your electronics with C&I, you not only are keeping your used devices out of the landfill, but you are also helping to give them a second life.

So whether you need to clean out a storage room filled with used computers to make room for a new classroom, need to clear devices that hold important faculty information, or would like to make an environmentally friendly decision for your school, C&I can help you meet your goals.

To learn more about our offerings, or to schedule a service today, get in touch with one of our electronics specialists.