Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Compliant Inventory Disposition and Data Security

The healthcare industry has some of the most stringent laws when it comes to Protected Health Information (PHI). With laws such as HIPAA, NAID, and NIST and their complex requirements regarding data regulations, it’s imperative that medical facilities abide by their guidelines. If a facility fails to comply with the HIPAA act or doesn’t safeguard its patients’ records, it could face serious implications including exorbitant fees, identify theft, breach of patient confidentiality, and more. 

Today, with most data and patient records being stored electronically, keeping information safe and properly disposing of it can be challenging. That’s where we come in. C&I Electronics can professionally and securely handle and destroy your sensitive information all while staying compliant with the medical industry’s rules. 

We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88r1 standard and R2:2013 guidelines for data sanitization of hard drives and other data-containing devices. Our data sanitization software is HIPAA compliant and supports DoD data erasure standards. This ensures all devices that pass through our facility are completely wiped of data.

Whether you’re getting rid of idle equipment, upgrading your devices, or just need to sanitize any electronics that are storing data, C&I can provide a service that will fit your needs.

Our Services

Data Destruction

close up image of hard drives and data destroyed
  • Data Sanitization- this option allows for you to completely wipe your proprietary data from a machine but still leave the device functional to be refurbished or reused.
  • Physical Destruction – if you’re in need of complete destruction of a device, we also offer destruction of hard drives and data tapes. This destruction can be either performed at your location or at our secure C&I facility.

Full Service Pick Ups

man in front of storefront picking up boxes and placing in truck

This is a great solution for larger corporations such as hospitals and medical facilities where large numbers of unused electronics may be hard to ship or maneuver. We can remove your equipment from loading docs, storage rooms, offices, or Data Centers.

When you work with C&I you are partnering with a trusted and certified data destruction facility that will properly dispose of your sensitive data and information. During the data destruction process, we will scan the drives’ or tapes’ serial numbers into a report, providing a certificate of destruction of exactly which items have been destroyed. Giving you peace of mind that you are avoiding fees, data breaches, or even legal actions being taken against your facility.

Keep your private data private with C&I and book a service with us today.