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The crisis of global modernity has been produced by human overreach that was founded upon a paradigm of national modernization. Today, three global changes: the rise of non-western powers, the crisis of environmental sustainability and the loss of authoritative sources of transcendence – the ideals, principles and ethics once found in religions — define our condition. The physical salvation of the world is becoming the transcendent goal of our times, transcending national sovereignty. The foundations of sovereignty can no longer be sought in tunnelled histories of nations; we are recognizing that histories have always been circulatory and the planet is a collective responsibility.

An excerpt from Prasenjit Duara‘s Spiritual Ecologies: Sustainability and Transcendence in Contemporary Asia

This retail giant took every precaution to ensure customer Paul Jacobs’s £15.49 roll of bubble wrap arrived in perfect condition… by wrapping the wrapping in 100ft of paper.

“Given that bubble wrap’s main purpose is packaging, it would usually be delivered in a bag with a label stuck on.

“I almost wonder if someone was having a bit of fun.

“Amazon are probably having their busiest week of the year with Black Friday so I dread to think how much unnecessary packaging is being used.”

It is not the first time the firm’s packaging has been criticised.

Recently a customer found a calendar packed with 45ft of paper.



Forget the packaging material and gift these instead!

Gift an experience such as a yoga class, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a zip-line or white water rafting trip!

And Remember! 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses recirculates locally versus 14 percent at chain stores, according to the American Independent Business Alliance.

Did you know…Alpaca’s are more environmentally friendly than goats?!

 Alpaca is considered a sustainable fiber because unlike goats, which can make land go fallow from over-grazing, Alpacas only “mow” the grass rather than ripping it from the soil. This allows fields to replenish themselves more easily. From 1 alpaca, enough fleece is harvested to make 3 sweaters whereas the fleece of 5 goats is needed to make just 1 in cashmere.

Not Sure How Much Food to Prepare for Thanksgiving? Try This Food Waste-Fighting Calculator

Last year, the equivalent of six million turkeys ended up in the trash, an insanely wasteful amount!

Using a proprietary algorithm, the Guest-imator allows plenty of customization on the user’s end.

The free online calculator allows you to easily figure out exactly how much food you need to buy to satisfy your guest’s cravings. And it’s fairly customizable. You can consider all your aunts and uncles and hungry cousins. Even better? You can add on people by appetite!

Check it out!  The Guest-imator


Eco-Friendly Companies that sell Eco-Friendly Products

1. Green Toys

  • Recycle milk jugs and other plastic materials into kids products.
  • Packaging with 100% recyclable cardboard and printed with soy ink, which is made of soybeans and four times degradable than petroleum inks.
  • Have recycled almost 5 million milk jugs until now and the number is still growing.

2. Mrs. Meyers

  • Mainly uses renewable plant resources such as coconut, corn, soy, or olive and works with suppliers that use sustainable palm oils.
  • Develops biodegradable formulas, avoiding chlorine bleach, parabens, phthalates and such toxic chemical compounds.
  • No testing on animals; packaging is recyclable and at least 25% post-consumer plastic in bottles.

3. Lush Cosmetics

  • Since 2007, 100% of the purchase price (minus tax) of Charity Pot hand and body lotion product line is donated to environmental, humanitarian, or animal rights causes; donated $17 million to over 1400 grassroots organizations.
  • Against animal testing and implements human volunteer testing.
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients with whole fresh fruits vegetables and flowers; no chemicals or synthetic or artificial alternatives.

4. Seventh Generation

  • 70% of products and packaging created zero waste or were biodegradable/recyclable in 2015
  • Rigorous inspection on BPA and heavy metal ingredients; primarily uses plant-based ingredients instead of petroleum
  • Donated around four fifty thousand dollars to communities and organizations that are related to sustainability and health issues.

5. Nike

  • Develops vegetable-based dyes, uses recycled polyester in Nike Pro Bra and Legend Pants lines
  • Through FlyKnit technology which mainly uses recycled polyester yarns, reduced 2 million pounds of waste from 2012 to September 2015 and helped divert more than 182 million plastic bottles from landfills.
  • Developing a closed-loop manufacturing process to recycle and regenerate materials in footwears, apparels, and sports fields.


Buying Bulk Saves Money and Reduces Packaging Waste!

  • Bulk coffee would save 240 million pounds of foil packaging waste.
  • Bulk almonds would save 72 million pounds of packaging waste.
  • Bulk peanut butter would save 7 pounds of landfill waste per family per year.
  • Bulk oatmeal would cut packaging waste by one fifth.



C&I Electronics works hard to

Decrease your environmental footprint,

Increase your data security, and

Contain your costs. 

Let us be your local solution to a global problem.



As a small, family owned business that was started in 1994, C & I Electronics Co., Inc. is an R2:2013 Responsible Recycling ™, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) registered facility.

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