Data Destruction

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One of the primary focuses of C&I Electronics is helping our customers better manage their data to ensure the safety of their proprietary information while recycling their used electronics. 

Data Destruction

Properly destroying the data from your used electronic devices may require the physical destruction of either the device’s hard-drives, data tapes, floppy disks, or any other data containing device. This physical destruction ensures that the information is completely unreadable and can never be recovered or accessed again. 

C&I’s data destruction service is performed by shredding the data-containing device in an industrial shredder called AMF-750 HD-SSD by Amerishred. We offer two different options for this service,

  • In-house data destruction – takes place at our secure facility and includes using a physical shredder that destroys solid state and mechanical state drives
  • On-site data destruction – for this service, we travel to your location with our mobile shredder so that your items can be completely destroyed of data without leaving your facility.

If needed we can scan the drives’ or tapes’ serial numbers into a spreadsheet and supply you with documentation certifying that your items were destroyed.

Data Sanitization

Every device that comes through our facility that isn’t destined for physical destruction, goes through our Data Sanitization process. This Logical Sanitization process will completely clear all the information stored on your device but leaves it still usable so that it can have a second life. This step in our data destruction process also ensures that your data is safe every step of the way. We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88r1 standard and R2:2013 guidelines for data sanitization of hard drives and other data-containing devices to ensure all devices that pass through our facility contain no data after they go through our processes.


C&I’s data destruction and data sanitization services will keep your data safe and secure. Gain peace of mind that no one will be able to access your information after you have recycled your used devices.

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