Automotive Companies

Keep Your Proprietary Designs Safe

It is well-known that there are constant changes and improvements happening within the automotive industry that companies must keep up with. This can include the need to update your technology, rapidly change your production lines, or ensure your machines are keeping your information safe. Adapting to new trends and technologies can quickly become a full-time job and can be overwhelming maintaining standards.

What isn’t as well known is what to do with this equipment and technology once it has been replaced and is no longer in use. The even bigger concern is, what to do with the machines that store proprietary information. Some of this sensitive data can include:

  • IP addresses
  • Network configurations
  • User information such as email, phone, gateway permissions, and access codes
  • Design specifications and more

With all of this information being stored on your automotive company’s equipment, it can make properly disposing of them very difficult. This is where C&I Electronics can provide data destruction and electronic recycling solutions to keep your company’s products and information safe.

How Our Process Works

C&I is an R2:2013 Responsible RecyclingTM certified, ISO 14001:2015 certified, and ISO 45001:2018 certified company that specializes in the data destruction and electronic recycling of company items. This can include anything from laptops to large manufacturing equipment.

If your company has machines and electronics sitting around because you aren’t sure what to do with them due to the information they store, you can choose from one of our service options to properly destroy the data and recycle them.

Once you have selected the service that will best fit your company’s needs, our team will begin working on destroying all data from your devices before safely recycling them.

Don’t let your storage get filled up with machines and devices that you aren’t currently using. Call C&I today to protect your information and safely recycle your idle equipment.

Data Sanitization

close up image of hard drives and data destroyed

This is a good option if you need to wipe a device completely of information but would like it to still be in working order. This is typically performed on laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, etc.

Hard Drive Shredding

This will utterly destroy the hard drive of a device and leave no trace of information. If you wish to oversee our data destruction process, we also offer on-site destruction. We then will provide you with proof of destruction for your records if needed or requested.

On-Site Pickup

man in front of storefront picking up boxes and placing in truck

If you have a large quantity of equipment and electronics stored at your facility, this option will immediately clear up space. We will visit your facility, load up your equipment into one of our trucks, and then take them back to our secure facility to then destroy the data and properly recycle the pieces. We also offer on-site data destruction for this option.